A team of engineers and tradesmen. Together we design and install building systems efficiently and effectively through a series of standardized processes, procedures, and products.




Majority of the construction industry uses processes, procedures, products and tools that are decades old, and they're becoming archaic. That, coupled with lack of skilled labor, has created this giant loop of variables and redundancies which became the number one driver of cost hike. 

So, we made it our goal to start eliminating variables and redundancies one-by-one to speed things up and bring cost down. Our first step is providing end-to-end turnkey solutions (design-build) for all building systems using today's technologies and through a series of automated processes and procedures along with a pool of standard products and tools.

This will allows us to design-estimate, design-fabricate, and design-build in real-time with full transparency and no surprises.




Ultimate professionalism and detailed execution, perfect contractor for such large projects.

Dan Huffman, PG&E Project Manager


Electrical & Low Voltage Contractor

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